I came up with "Fleeting Paris" when I was 17. I was randomly trying to think of "cool" band names while I was with my sister driving around Roosevelt Field Mall. I kept it in the back of my mind in case I ever had a band one day. When I was around 21, I decided to use it for my solo project. In April/May 2016, I recorded my debut album, "Hi-Jinx," at the Seaside Lounge Recording Studios in Brooklyn, NY. After that, I got together some session musicians I knew (as well as some they knew) and started playing in and around the New York City area. Since then I have started my own record company, publishing company, affiliated with BMI, released a few more songs, and am proud to have been featured in Relix Magazine's Oct./Nov. 2018 issue's Digital Artist Sampler. Hopefully more to come!

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